Paul’s Bio

PSheldon_portraitOrdained a Cantor (Reverend) at Chicago, Illinois in 1967 Paul went on to be ordained a Rabbi at Boston in 1972.

He has held pulpits in Brooklyn, New York, Minneapolis, Chicago and Boston.

Rev. Rabbi Sheldon went on to be Cantor (Rev. Rabbi) at Toronto in 1972, where he currently resides.

Sheldon’s vision and passion for his community lead him to develop the Steeles Memorial Chapel in 1973 and later the Lodzer Centre, Holocaust Congregation, in 1980.

As Sheldon’s beliefs and ideals developed he envisioned the need for non-denominational wedding chapels in Toronto. At North York in 1979, Scarborough (1981), York (1982) and Mississauga (1985) he established non-denominational chapels in Civic Centers.

Rev. Rabbi Sheldon currently performs services for many couples of all faiths, religions and lifestyles.