“Even though its been a year since we were married we haven’t forgotten you. We really want to thank you for marrying us so long ago. We really appreciated your kindness, your sense of humor and your willingness to change the service slightly to meet our blended requirements. It truly made the ceremony our own…and special. Our guests loved you and your chuppah is fantastic. Thank you for making our special day so much more magical.”


Kate & Stuart Sackler


“Its been 20 years since we met and we are glad we made the decision to have you and your wonderful sense of humor with us on our wedding day. Thank you for your blessings and thank you for being YOU! We hope we put a smile on your face for the day!Emoji

We know you will never forget us.”

Doris & Gord


“As we sought to begin our life together, we were both nervous and scared. The Rev. Rabbi brought us together and made us see that the most important part of our path was being together as a family. He was kind and understanding, his service beautiful and his words profound.”

Kerri & Kev


“We were married by Rev. Rabbi Sheldon, even though I was not Jewish. He brought an understanding of my commitment to my own faith and understood that my love for my partner was bounded by no heights. He was welcoming and did not judge me. My partner and I are still married, happily, with three beautiful children.”

Susanne & Lesley


“His words were poetry with a strong depth of meaning. We couldn’t have been happier.”

Diana & Stewart

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